You might be tired of the blisters on your feet because of wearing heels at work. Well, the decision on which shoes to wear depends on your heel choices. Therefore, you can avoid blister pains and discomfort by buying comfortable heels for work. That way, you can do your work routines with a lot of ease.

Here are a few tips to help you choose comfortable heels for work:

Choose the right size and fit

Just like any other shoes, heels come in various sizes. The sizes differ depending on the shoe brand. It would be wise if you try the heel first to ensure that it fits you firmly.

Poor-fitting heels can make your foot slide up and down. Again, wearing small-fitting heels can be very uncomfortable and painful. As a result, you may have problems keeping your balance. They may also cause injuries like blisters, bleeding, and ripped toenails. Therefore, if the heel does not fit you firmly, leave it and look for a fitting size.

Shop at the end of the day

If you are visiting a physical store, go heel shopping in the evening after work. That’s because your feet swell from daily activities and work. Shopping at that time will make you purchase a heel that will fit you all day. A heel might be comfortable in the morning, but later in the day, when your feet have swollen, you may experience a lot of discomfort. That’s why it is advisable to buy your heels in the evening.

Practice walking with the heels at home before going with them to work.

Put your new heels to test for some hours at home and see how they fit. If you sense any discomfort, you can return them before going out with the heels. Make sure you maintain your heels vertically to avoid slipping, which can make you fall.

You put more pressure on the ball of your foot when you wear heels. Therefore, choose the ones with adequate padding and cushioning in the same area for better support. Also, they will make you comfortable during your entire day at work.

Check the heel placement and thickness.

Heel placement determines the support you get from the shoe. It needs to be precisely below your own heel and not far back. Also, thicker and broader heels give your body support as compared to thin heels. They also lower the risk of ankle sprains. When doing your heel shopping, choose a shoe that distributes your weight evenly to avoid more concentration at the heel or ball of the foot.

Heel height

Choose the heel height you are more comfortable walking in. Heels that are too high exert tension on your ankles, lower back, and knees. Therefore, do not offer the comfort and balance you need. Kitten heels are the most suitable for work and all-day wear.

Go for quality heels.

Investing in quality heels makes the shoes last longer. Also, the shoe adjusts to suit your feet shape. The best choice for shoe durability is leather and suede. A combination of both also works perfectly.


Wearing comfortable heels at works makes it easy for you to do your daily work routines. Therefore, no matter how pretty the heel is, always choose the one that fits you firmly. Also, select a heel height and thickness you can walk in it comfortably. Above all, go for quality all the time.

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