Are you a throwback fan? If yes, then here is a chance to save yourself from getting over it. The Y2K fashion, as we call it, is a never-ending trend. It has perfectly created the vibe for styling and upgraded everything in the world of fashion. With so many influencing designs from Y2K clothing, the fashion world has created a whole new trend that has been inspired by the same.

While some of the styles can even date back to the 1990s, the 2000s fashion has given them a new look and until now, we are getting something fresh every time we are looking back in time!

Indian Celebrities Embracing Y2K fashion trends

To state a few, we might take the example of some of the top celebs who have redefined the Y2k clothing trend.

Anushka Sharma and Her Double Denim

Double denim has been termed as ‘wrong fashion’. But when celebrity Anushka Sharma embraced the double denim style correctly with ripped blue jeans and an oversized jacket, nothing seemed wrong anymore. The actress has portrayed the style so perfectly that it instantly got covered in most of the social media sites.

Shraddha Kappos in Sunshine Pleated Skirt

Let’s remember the pleats in the skirt and how much we literally hated it in the school days because it already became an old-fashioned trend. However, the early 2000s style has been recreated by Shraddha Kapoor who wore a bright yellow skirt with a white tank top. The actress is known for her flair style sense and the fact that everything looks great on her. She also styled the same attire for her film ‘Chhicchore’, where she just looked elegant.

Front Knot Top for Aditi Rao Hydari

Do you remember the front tie top from the early 2000s? This Y2K clothing made a comeback again and actress Aditi Rao Hydari was the one to style it in a unique way featuring billowy sleeves. She paired it with flared jeans.

Deepika Padukone in Translucent

If you know Deepika Padukone, then you must have fallen for her charismatic style sense where she introduces the fresh every time paparazzi capture her look. To keep with the expectation, Deepika Padukone has perfectly styled and embraced a translucent white loose blouse over a white bra. The model turned actress paired the top diligently with white trousers and nude pointy heels.

Metallic Pants of Sara Ali Khan

The metallic material can be termed in Y2K clothing but it had its craze in the early 1990s as well. However, this trend made a fresh comeback in the 2010 decade and recently, some of the fresh faces in Bollywood adopted the fashion really well. If you have missed Sara Ali Khan’s metallic flared pants, then you need to check those out. The beauty queen paired the bright metallic pants with a cut-out shoulder blacktop.

Ananya Pandey’s Baby Tees

Do you Remember Rachel Green from Friends? How she styles every cropped t-shirt of hers was simply casual and unique. And our ladylove, Ananya Pandey has recreated the fashion in the very same manner, or at least this is how accurately we can define. She wore a little cute t-shirt that was cropped above the belly and featured a fitting chest. Differentiating it from that of Rachel’s, Ananya’s tees had a baby devil printed on them. She paired it with classic blue denim.

Not only in Y2K clothing but there were several accessories, shoes and bags as well that helped showcase the complete style statement in the era. You can check out some of the most inspiring clothing items and accessories. Click here to find the latest styling pieces that you can also include in your next outing or a casual twinning with a friend.

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