As the demand for varieties in fashion will not be stagnant in the case of women, more designer dresses are coming into the market. A majority of these designer costumes will move out of the market after few days of release. However, some designer ideas will become trends and all women will go behind that trend for several months. One such trend attracting all women is the use of co ords sets. A co ords set is nothing but a matching top and bottom. There are no restrictions for the type of top and bottom. But the condition is both of them should be of the same material and same design in most cases. It can be a top with pants, puff sleeve tops with trousers, a mini dress, and many more. As long as the material, color, and pattern of the top and the bottom are the same, it is a co ords set. However, there should be only two pieces. So, it has another name of twin sets. If you choose the following five factors perfectly, your co ords set will be out of the world.


Size is vital while choosing a co ords set. Usually, the two-piece set will be slightly loose and this will look trendy. However, you should be careful as you also should not choose oversized top and bottom. At the same time, a tight outfit will also not look great in terms of co ords. So, you should choose a size somewhere between big and small.


As the category of women’s designer dresses is getting wider day by day, you should even concentrate on the selection of the color of the top and bottom. While choosing the color of the dresses, it is better to consider your skin tone. Also, you can consider your eye color if you have a special eye like green eyes. Going unusual with colors will help you elevate the outfit in co ords. If you will put on make-up or nail colors, it is better to consider these colors also. You should make sure the color should match your tone and accessories but not be awkward.


The next thing to consider will be the fabric or material of the top and bottom. You should keep the season in mind as certain materials will be comfortable during certain seasons like cotton for summer. However, you should not compromise with the quality of the fabric and should make sure that the dress will last for a long time.


As you may know, co ords will come in both short and long dresses. So, you can choose the desired length according to your wishes.


After purchasing a co ords set, you should consider buying some matching accessories to elevate the outlook better. Some of these accessories will be handbags, jewelry, shoes, and others. You may consider your hairstyle and color along with your makeup’s effect while choosing a co ords set.

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