Blockudoku is one of the most loved games. People who love block games play them when they are bored or they just want to pass time. This game is very fun and addictive. So if you start playing it, you may easily lose track of your time.

When playing Blockudoku, you should strive to attain the highest score possible. You can achieve this by destroying as many lines and boxes as you can.  So if you have been playing blockudoku and you seem not to get high scores, this article got you covered.

We give you incredible tips that can help you improve your score when playing blockudoku. Let’s delve into them.

  1. Take your time

While it can be quite tempting to destroy various shapes as quickly as you can, but this can significantly affect your score and progress. Rather than destroying different shapes as soon as they crop up, you should tactically work on more in a few moves. Take a look at the board to see if there are moves that can be destroyed in fewer moves rather than destroying various shapes in numerous moves.

  1. Be flexible

When you are playing blockudoku, and you want to improve your score, you need to be flexible as much as possible. Concentrating only on specific aspects might not clear enough space compared to how mixing things would. So it is advisable to be very flexible when it comes to solving your tactics.

  1. Take one step at a time

When playing blockudoku, you should focus on one thing at a time. While destroying as many lines and boxes as possible is a bonus, it shouldn’t be your main goal. Your fun will be short-lived since that can see you running out of space quickly.

  1. Leave room for 3×3 blocks

Keep room for at least one or two 3×3 blocks. This helps you get enough moves to progress into the game and improve your score.

  1. Make streaks and avoid special figures

Streaks and squares are crucial. You score 9 or more points for every streak you make. It will help you score more. Avoid waiting to make specific figures. Just grab a chance because you may not even get a perfect combination if you wait.

  1. Don’t build a wall

You should strive to destroy, not to build a wall. This is the only way you can improve your score. One of the common mistakes beginners make is to build a wall as they wait for the perfect combination. Avoid making this mistake.

  1. Focus

If you want to attain a higher score, then it’s crucial that you focus on the game. Keep your eyes and mind open. Avoid any interruptions.

  1. Keep the board clean

Your objective is to destroy more and not build. Start from the edges and progress inwards. This will help ensure that you don’t run out of space for new blocks.

  1. Ask for help

If you feel stuck, it is good to ask for help. It is no secret that there are blockudoku levels that can be quite complex. So asking for help is a great way to improve your score.

  1. Practice more

This is an obvious tip. If you want to improve your scores when playing blockudoku, then it is crucial that you practice more.

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