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Mister Coffee Review

Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker and Hot Shot Station Review

Coffee is like oxygen for me. Without it I would simply die; well I’d be as good as dead. I love trying new blends, new creamers and most of all new brewers. The recent addition has been the Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker and Hot Shot Station.  It’s a pretty awesome addition…


Family Traditions with Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner

When I was little my Wela (grandmother) would put on music and hand me a broom, mop or feather duster. There was no planning, just all of a sudden she’d start singing: y donde hay musica hay baile She never really gave me a chance to complain. If I started…


Curtain and Bath Outlet Review & Giveaway

One of the quickest ways to update the look and feel of a room is with window treatments. It’s amazing what a simple pair of curtains can do to enhance a rooms personality. That’s what happened for me when I took out the old, ugly mustard colored draperies from my…


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Sandgrens New York Boots Review

Sandgrens New York Boots Review

  Wanna know what my favorite part of fall is? I get to break out the boots and not feel like a fashion don’t! I’m crazy about boots which is why I’m so excited to share one of my newest finds with you. I received these boots to review, but…

Therafit Styles

Therafit Kate Shoe Review & Giveaway

  If you’ve ever watched The Doctors then you probably already know who Dr. Lisa Masterson is. In case you don’t check her out on Twitter. She co-created the brand Therafit whose shoes I’m going to talk about (they sent them for the review but that does not influence my opinion.) Therafit…

Dije Mammoth Boots

Dije California Mammoth Boots Review + #Giveaway

Have you ever stuck your foot inside of a shoe and BAM it’s love? That is exactly what happened when I first put my foot in my new Dije Sheepskin Boots ( I got them for the gift guide and a review, this didn’t influence my opinion). I wear these barefoot and…

From the Kitchen

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Cranberry Chicken and Wild Rice

Cranberry Chicken and Wild Rice #Recipe

Some nights you have no clue what to cook for dinner. Last night was one of those nights. I had partially frozen chicken breast and some other things to go on. Without thinking I started dicing the chicken breast into small pieces. I love cutting partially frozen chicken, it comes…

Nadia G's Witches Brew with Severed Hand

Talking Food, Drinks, & Halloween with Nadia G.

I recently had the absolute, most awesometastic opportunity to conduct a phone interview with an awesome lady. You may know her from the internet or her cooking show, Bitchin’ Kitchen. I’m talking about none other than Nadia G. Words cannot express how much I love this chick and what an…


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This SAHM’s top picks in the Piedmont Triad

Today we have a guest post from Aprille. You can also find her online at Sign up for her monthly newsletter here! My small family moved to Winston Salem in April of 2013. I had one goal in mind: find places and a support network to maintain my sanity as a stay-at-home mom. I…


What to Eat in New Orleans #NOLA

So, one of the main things I’m asked about my trip to New Orleans is “What did you eat?” The short answer is “EVERYTHING!!!” The long answer is a little more in depth but sadly I don’t have many photos to go along with my glorious food escapades in New Orleans.

Maybe it was the excitement or maybe it was my rumbling tummy but I barely thought to take pictures of the food we ate; heck I barely thought to chew the food we ate….