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Thirsty Thursday Tropical Fusion (1)

Thirsty Thursday – Tropical fusion with Voli Vodka

Today for Thirsty Thursday we’re playing with a fun blend of coconut, mango, and vodka. Sounds like a great drink, right? Well we haven’t even got to the mixing part since Voli Vodka (they sent us this awesome vodka for inspiration) is available in so many fun flavors – Mango Coconut Fusion is one of them! I almost didn’t want [...]

Carolina Slammer

Thirsty Thursday: Carolina Slammer

Alabama is a popular state; there are movies, music and even drinks dedicated to it. Why is there no Sweet Home Carolina? Why isn’t there a Carolina Slammer? Well I take that back, there is now unofficially a Carolina Slammer and it is the creation of my best friend, Grace!  Since she is a bartender by trade [...]


Covered Perfectly

Covered Perfectly Review

In the age of crop tops and booty shorts shopping for fashionable yet modest clothing may seem impossible. Thanks to innovators like Pauline Durban it's not … [Read More...]


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Ball Drinkware

Ball Drinkware Review

Have you ever sat on the front porch and sipped sweet tea from of a mason jar? That memory is a recurring one from my childhood. Of course back then the jars … [Read More...]