Outdoor activities are enjoyed for their immersion and interaction within nature, whether it is clambering over dusty boulders or swimming across clear waters. And, while many use these environments to escape the stressors and distractions of modern living, wanting to step away from gadgets and technology, there are actually a number of modern accessories which can improve the experience of outdoor activities.


There are a number of reasons why it might be time to take the plunge and purchase a smartwatch, with many outdoor enthusiasts now celebrating them. In addition to the safety implications of having a device on your wrist, especially one that can detect a fall, smartwatches will share an abundance of information, from altitude to heart rate, giving you a greater insight into your adventure.

Weatherproof Lighter

Having your own fire when being outdoors can be a magical experience, especially when it’s an essential source of heat for cooking or staying warm. There are a number of options available as firestarters but few are as compact and resilient as a weatherproof lighter. These small devices will ensure you can start a fire in harsh conditions, such as wind and rain.


The processing power of your mobile device allows for a number of remarkable apps to be used on the go. Whether you want to navigate across an unmarked landscape, identify plants, or find hidden locations to surf and paddleboard, technology can help.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Even simple developments in design and technology can wildly improve an experience. No longer must water bottles be inflexible and cumbersome containers when empty. Now, with collapsible water bottles, your empty bottle can be crushed or compressed into a pocket-sized accessory.

Bear Containers

When bringing food with you into the wild, you will know the dangers of attracting bears and other wild animals. It is essential that your perishables be kept in a safe container that cannot be opened by hungry wildlife.

Waterproof Backpack

There are now reliable and stylish options for waterproof backpacks. This means that those who wish to cross bodies of water or want to risk the rainfall can rest easy knowing that their belongings will remain totally dry, even when the bag is fully submerged.

Solar Lights

Lights are essential for those camping and to find yourself without a reliable source of illumination can be dangerous. Solar-powered lights are not only available in the form of torches and headlights but also string lights too, making for an intimate camping experience.

Water Filter

Sourcing your own water on a long outdoor adventure can be both a pleasure and a necessity. Water filters have become more popular because of their usefulness, portability, and affordability. They can even be built into a water bottle too.

Down Jacket

If you’re looking for the best balance of warmth and lightness in a jacket, then a down jacket is your best option. For how easily they can be compacted and how lightweight they are, they remain the outdoor enthusiast’s preference for a reliable, general-wear clothing accessory.

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