If your child has recently had a child, you’re probably filled with all kind of emotions. Worry for your child’s wellbeing as they embark on this parenthood journey. Excitement to meet the new baby in your life. And so much more.

If you want a taste of what’s to come, keep reading to find out why grandkids make life grand. You may even discover unexpected health benefits.

  1. Playing With Grandkids Keeps You Full Of Joy

Let’s face it, if you have the grandkids over, they’re going to want to play sooner or later.

Whether you’re the kind of grandparent who is able to run around the yard playing soccer or you’d prefer to play a board game, you’re bound to start laughing sooner or later.

While plenty of things in life can bring you joy, nothing quite does it like quality time with your grandkids. They’ll have your heart rate up (there’s a reason people say “young at heart”) and your brain releasing all the dopamine it can handle.

  1. Studies Show That Grandkids Improve Your Memory Health

Your physical health and happiness aren’t the only health benefits that will come from spending time with your grandkids. One of the main things you may be worried about as you age is your ability to remember things.

The good news is that recent studies have shown that spending time with grandkids improves recall performance. You’re doing your brain a favor by spending time with those kids!

  1. Being A Positive Role Model Improves Self Esteem

Your grandkids will automatically look up to you from the first day they meet you. They’ll expect you to have the wisdom and experience necessary to guide them through life. And they’ll look to your life for examples.

That sounds like a lot of pressure. But it’s also a great thing for your self-esteem. You’ll know that at least one person sees you for everything good and nothing bad. You’ll get to share your proudest achievements with them, and that’s something worth celebrating.

  1. You May Feel Closer To Your Own Kids

As your children are raising grandkids for you, they’ll start experiencing some of the same struggles, hardships, and joys that you had while raising them. You may find them coming to you for advice more often. Or maybe you’ll just have more to relate to them about.

This comradery and mutual experience will make you feel closer to your own kids than you may have ever felt while raising them. Plus, you’ll get to sit back and know that you did a good job raising them so they can raise their kids.

  1. You Get to Experience New Wonder Through Their Eyes

There’s nothing like experiencing life through the eyes of a child. Everything is new to them, and so they are often struck with an awe that they share with others.

The home you’ve been living in will become a whole new world to you the first time your grandchild starts exploring it. You can read here about luxury assisted living to find the best home to bring your grandchild into.

Grandkids Make Life Grand Because We Love Them

Yes, there are health benefits, opportunities with our kids, and self-esteem boosts. But the reason grandkids make life grand is because of the unconventional love shared between a grandkid and a grandparent. Nothing is better than that.

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