If you live in Dunstable and you are at a point in time where you need to look into getting a stair lift fitted in your home, whether it’s due to age, a natural disability or an accident. In order to make sure you get good value for money, here is what you should expect to receive.

Use a local firm

A growing number of people buy mobility aids online because, when they search the Internet looking for the lowest price, they usually end up on an Internet only trading site. No overheads mean they can sell products at a cheaper rate, however, you get a cheaper level of service too. With something like a stairlift quotes in Dunstable it’s really important that you speak and meet with somebody, in person who can help you in the future and back you up if anything were to malfunction.

Value for money

Look at what you get ‘as an overall package’ and compare like for like products. You will get what you pay for and should expect a care service included, in some cases, companies charge extra for installation, others don’t.

Overall cost

Stair lifts aren’t cheap and, they are a hefty purchase so, you have a few options, you could pay outright for the machine and installation or you could pay monthly using a purchase agreement. Some people actually choose to hire a lift, especially if they only need it for the short term or the machine is going into someone else’s home.

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