When we talk about live resin and distillate, both are different components. Both are used to inhale cannabis. Distillates are extracted at high temperature, requires more refining than other, and also contains only one type of cannabinoid (CBD). On the different hand extraction process of live resin is done at a comparatively low temperature, less refined than the former and contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD both. Vaping with these two components is preferred against conventional smoking techniques. Live resin is freshly extracted from hemp and soft and sticky; consistency wise is semi-translucent yellowish-amber in colour which looks similar to honey. Distillates are removed from the classical distillation process, made from separate heating and cooling of the concentration, which is clear-golden in consistency.

People choose their preferred vaping instrument according to their interests. Like dissimilarity in composition, their effectiveness, potency, and flavour are also not similar. Distillate changes its viscosity to liquid when it is warm and thick when it gets cools down. Its neutral flavour provides the base for several cannabis products, such as edibles, tinctures, and vape cartridges. Variation in the production method of live resin changes the consistency from soft to sticky, which is used in products like gummies, carts, and disposables.

Differentiation between live resin and distillate

Confusion between live resin vs distillate is common; selection among both depends upon taste, results, and lasting effects. Cartridges are used as a refill in vaping cannabis concentration. Live resin offers earthy and rich fruity flavours because of the use of terpenes during the extraction process. On the other side, you may find a lack of smell and flavour in distillate due to its refining process. The live resin extracted from the hemp plant is cold-stored after being cut to preserve terpenes and flavonoids. The concentration provides the richness of flavour and aroma to make it more natural than the other. Distillates are made by refining cannabis extracts to purify concentrates like lipids and waxes, and the distilling process removes natural flavours and smells from them. Sometimes the addition of terpenes gives flavour to distillate carts.

Cannabis consumer preference among both of them

People who want a more aromatic and flavourful smoking experience can go with live resin cartridges. On the other hand, some people enjoy cannabis without flavour and smell. They should choose distillate cartridges for a better vaping experience. Smoking cannabidiol makes you euphoric throughout the day, helps the betterment of your sleep pattern, improves digestion, and also provides relief in chronic pains.

Well, without keeping any confusion about live resin vs distillate, according to your health demands, you should purchase the products that give you pleasure as well. By clicking on the above-given link, you can get more information about products.

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