Traveling with your furry pet is always such an exciting time! After all, so many dogs love sticking their heads out the window or playing fun car games with the kids until they reach their destination. Plus, riding cars will help your canine companion be exposed to experiences to help with their socialization skills.

But wait! What if your dog gets easily carsick during travels, throwing up everywhere? While dog car seat covers are helpful, this is only a bandaid solution. Read on as I show you how you can travel with a carsick dog to prevent messes and focus on having a memorable vacation.

How to Travel With a Carsick Dog

Human children are more easily carsick than adults. The same would go for puppies and younger dogs, as the ear structure affecting balance is not developed completely yet. Furthermore, some dogs do not outgrow their motion sickness.

There are also different reasons why your dog is carsick during the ride, such as:

  • If your dog vomited or felt sick during his first car ride, chances are that he will associate vomiting with traveling, which is why he would always do it.
  • Carsickness may also come from stress, especially when your dog is aware that they are going to places they don’t want to be, such as the vet or groomer!

You will know if your dog is carsick when he exhibits the following symptoms:

  • They are whining and pacing a lot
  • Excessive drooling, sometimes smacking or licking their lips
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Inactivity or lethargy

Because of this, it’s best to know how to prevent carsickness from happening. These are some things you can try:

  1. Change the association

Select a relaxing and peaceful place your dog loves, such as the open dog park a few minutes away from home. When you reach the park, play with your dog, making the entire visit pleasant. During the car rides, let someone play with your dog, helping them calm down and stay distracted.

Play with your dog when you head home as well, then let them rest in their calming pet bed from PetSwag. Afterward, feed them their favorite treats. Repeat this routine so your dog will know that there’s no reason to be sick during car rides!

During the ride, make sure to have frequent stops, especially if it is a long one. Furthermore, drive by sceneries for your dog to look at, which helps with motion sickness.

  1. Don’t feed your dog

Many dogs won’t feel carsick on empty stomachs, so avoid feeding them treats or full meals 6 hours before the ride. However, some dogs may feel more carsick when they are on an empty stomach, so find out what they need more. You may give them water instead and keep them hydrated, though.

Wrapping It Up

Unfortunately, dog motion sickness is a real thing, which is why it’s important to learn how to treat it for the long term. Try these tips today so your dog can have more memorable times in the car rather than associate car rides with bad situations.

For more tips and tricks on how to safely commute with your pet dogs, whether it be in the car, on public transport or even the cab, check out this article by Budget Direct. These will ensure you a stress-free journey and keep both you and you furry friends safe.

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