Food supplements are chemical substances specially produced to complement the food. They can be composed of all vitamins and minerals, which is why they are known as multivitamins, or they can only contain certain substances, as in the case of creatine and spirulina, which are mainly indicated for those who practice some physical activity.

What Are Food Supplements For?

Food supplements are intended to complement healthy eating and not as a replacement, and they must be used under the direction of a doctor or nutritionist. Food supplements contain all the necessary daily nutrients (multivitamins and minerals), such as centrum and one a day. Those supplements contain a much more significant amount of protein, carbohydrates, or other components.

The types of food supplements that exist are:

  • Hypercaloric food supplement: to put on weight
  • Protein food supplement: to gain muscle mass
  • Thermogenic food supplement: to lose weight
  • Antioxidant food supplement: against aging
  • Hormonal food supplement: regulate the hormonal system

See what can happen if you take medications or supplements without the advice of a healthcare professional.

How To Use Food Supplements

To take food supplements without harming your health, it is essential only to take the supplement indicated by the doctor or nutritionist, respecting the type and dose recommended by the professional, because the excess of vitamins or other substances can also harm the liver and kidneys, causing intoxication and even cancer.

When an adequately certified health care professional indicates the supplement, it is safe to use by the person for which it is intended. To ensure its effectiveness, it is essential to follow the medical recommendations regarding the dose and time it should be taken.

Dietary Supplements To Lose Weight.

Diet supplements for weight loss are thermogenic, as they increase basal metabolism and contribute to fat elimination. Some examples are whey protein, caffeine, l-carnitine, omega 3. Despite being effective in the weight loss process, these supplements do not exclude the need to follow a low-calorie diet and perform physical activity, being only a way to achieve better results faster.

Food Supplements To Gain Muscle Mass

Food supplements for muscle mass gain should only be used by those who practice physical activity regularly. When properly used, they can help increase muscle mass as they contain the “bricks” that make muscle.

Some dietary supplements to gain muscle mass are m-drol, extreme, mega mass, whey protein, linolen, and l-carnitine.

Natural Food Supplements

Natural food supplements at snac are better than synthetic ones, as they do not harm the body, but despite that, they should also only be used under the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist. Some examples of natural food supplements to lose weight are cayenne pepper, a├žai, and African mango.

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