In this era of technology, everyone is tempted to take full advantages of these technological devices and stay ahead of everybody. Smartphones and related gadgets have made our lives easier on one part and unhealthy on the other part. Around 95 per cent of teenagers are seen on phone and half of them are constantly on their phones be it for gaming, homework or social media. These devices emit blue light we cause various health problems. Blue light is a High Energy Visible Light (HEV), which is also present in the sun in a natural form.

Blue light is not necessarily bad it does have some good effects on our body. So don’t try to completely eliminate blue light from your routine. As during daytime, blue light might help keep you more active than usual. But excessive use of devices emitting blue light can have some permanent damage to the eyes of your kids. Also, it can cause serious health disorders Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Cataracts. Doctors have been blaming blue light for sleep-related disorders in kids. Some of the damages blue light can do are:

Eye health – the photochemical stress caused by blue light can be damaging for the retina cells. Exposure to blue light for a long period can reduce the ability of retina cells to repair and absorb blue light. Visit you can get more information.

  • Sleep disruption – blue light can trigger your sleep cycle and cause some serious sleeping disorders. A sound sleep is all a healthy human body needs.
  • Stress – circadian system and lights can cause mood disorders. As these blue lights can disturb your circadian system functioning thus it causes stress, depression and related issues.
  • Diabetes – studies have proved that when the circadian system gets disturbed it reduces the DNA repairability. Risk of diabetes has been observed more in people working late at night.

To reduce such risks try using:

Tinted glasses 

For teens that cannot stay away from the exposure of blue light due to work or studies are often advised to use tinted glasses known as blue light blocking glasses. These glasses are inexpensive and easily available online. Also, users can get a blue light coating done on your normal glares. This anti-blue light coating limits the blue light reaching to your kid’s eyes. There are so many other options to reduce the HEV light effect other than just using tinted glasses. For kids below the age of 7 parents should strictly cut off the use of devices in the evening. And for the ones who are above 7 years of age can however take precautions, use night mode while using devices late in the night.

Study lamp 

It is advised that you must turn off lights 2 hours before making your kids sleep for a sound sleep. But for the teens, if they study or work during the night you can use reading lamps which have red or orange color light because it emits no blue light at all.

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