Some meanings of butterfly tattoos are:

  • Femininity – The delicate wings, as well as vibrant colors of butterflies, are connected with femininity closely. The butterflies’ painted beauty is habitually connected with the features of feminine energy.
  • Liberty – As a butterfly occupies flowers at the time of summer months, it is regarded as human’s commonplace insects. The vibrant wings that butterflies have represent freedom and flight and it is another meaning linked with them, commonly in the world of tattoos.
  • Confidence – Most often, butterflies are selected for representing hindrances that people overcome. They are connected with confidence or the method of getting confidence.

A butterfly begins its journey as a caterpillar and later, it changes into a beautiful creature. And so, butterflies work as a symbol for personal growth. They regain a strong belief in themselves and overcome various challenges.

Where can you put butterfly tattoos?

If your natural query is, “Where is the best place to put a butterfly tattoo?” Then you should know that when you wish to get a butterfly tattoo then you will not require lots of space. These tattoos are ideal for ankles, feet, shoulders, bosoms, the bottom of the back, or the neck. However, there is no definitive rule for getting a butterfly tattoo on your body. The great thing is people put this motif anywhere according to their wish and it makes its home at that place.

Taking special care of tattoos

The method in which you will take care of your new tattoo is dependent on the degree of a job done as well as type. Commonly, you are required to do the following:

  • Keep your tattooed skin clean – For cleaning your tattooed skin clean, you must use water and plain soap. While taking showers, you need to avert direct gushes of water. Pat, but do not rub for making the area dry.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun – You need to keep your tattooed area away from direct sunlight for nearly some weeks.
  • Utilize moisturizer – You must also apply a moisturizer to the area several times every day.
  • Don’t swim – You need to keep yourself away from hot tubs, pools, lakes, rivers, and various other water bodies when your tattoo heals.
  • Select clothing carefully – Never wear a cloth that might get stuck to the tattoo.

Why are butterfly tattoos hugely popular?

Butterfly tattoos stand unmatched and so, they are more popular than other tattoo designs. The tattoo artists find butterflies easier to draw. Again, it does adapt well to several colors that include monochromatic shades, such as white and black. You can represent butterfly tattoos by various styles that begin from simplistic 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional too. The butterflies also propose an endless choice of designs of tattoos. Furthermore, the vivid colors and sharp symmetry of butterfly tattoos make designs that are sought after well.

The best places for butterfly tattoos

Where is the best place to put a butterfly tattoo? As the shape of butterflies’ wings makes excellent framing, they look exceptional on the collar bone, lower back, and chest. Other well-known locations comprise the arms and shoulders, particularly the back of people’s upper arm and the inner forearm.

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