There are many different kinds of occupations available to us and many of us opt for the safe choice every time. We prefer to work in an office environment where we know exactly what is expected of us and each day there really aren’t any big surprises. This is how we want it and we wouldn’t change it for anything. Other people, however, choose a different career path and it is their goal to help people out of difficult and dangerous situations and this is a job that they have been thinking about doing from a very young age. It is a path that the minority have chosen but we are very grateful that they have done so. I am, of course, talking about first responders and many of us owe them our lives.

For a paramedic, retirement can be a difficult proposition because they are expected to turn their backs on a career that was full of excitement and challenges and be expected to just walk away from it all and to take life easier. For many of us that do normal jobs, retirement is something to really look forward to, but for first responders, retirement can bring a lot of negative things. It is important then, that they have counselling services to turn to, to help them through the most difficult times. The following are just some of the benefits of attending counselling.

  • Greater self acceptance – You need to think about the situations that a paramedic has found themselves in, with the situation involving the loss of limbs, lots of blood, and death. These are things that paramedics have to be able to handle in their stride, and although you think they possess the strength to deal with it, once a shift is over, they have to deal with the mental scars. They often think about what they could have done better or differently and this causes a great deal of mental anxiety. By attending counselling, they learn to deal with the decisions that they have made, which will hopefully allow them to find retirement a little bit more rewarding.

  • Managing stress effectively – Even though retirement has arrived, paramedics still have to deal with the mental stresses of the work that they have done before. They have probably pushed it to the back of the mind over many years, but now that retirement has come about, they have more time to think and ponder over the decisions that they have made. This causes many of them to suffer from stress that really affects how they live their day-to-day lives. It would be impossible to have to deal with this by themselves and so counselling is an excellent way to talk about their concerns.

Without counselling, many of these first responders would end up in a very dark place. It’s refreshing to know that if help is needed, it is there for them.

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