Footwear is the new epitome of fashion, along with its fashionable outfits and unique makeup. Shoes can complement your overall sense of fashion if you try them with a matching outfit. A staple pair of fashionable shoes are absolutely necessary for every wardrobe when you think of collecting fashion perfect accessories. Here are the top 5 fashion shoes you must try on today:

Pointed Toe Shoes

As the name suggests, pointed shoes come with a pointed tip usually they have a very low top heel or no heel at all. They can also be round-toe ones but women tend to prefer the pointed tips as they give a more subtle look if worn with a proper fashionable outfit. If you want to buy a pair of high-quality pointed-toe shoes, Rothy’s can be a great choice as the American brand is pioneered in pointed as well round-toe flats, pumps, and other fashion shoes for women.

Flat Loafers

Flat loafers shoes have always had their appeal to the fashion-conscious ladies out there. Even in 2021, they remain as fashionable as they were before back in the 90s or early 2000s. If you want something unique in fashionable footwear apart from casual boots, flat loafers can be a great choice for you. They come with slick designs and unique color shades and you can wear them even with a messy outfit. When you’re late for work or want to grab a coffee with your crush and are late as usual, wear a pair of loafers and you’re done.

Comfortable Sneakers

A sneaker is also a comfortable option that you can wear in daily life. If you have an eye for fashion, your wardrobe is incomplete with some cute pair of sneakers. Sneakers are made of comfortable and breathable fabrics that can be worn all day long. They are highly fashionable in style and come with both heels and non-heel structures. Whether you choose a high or low-top sneaker or fashion sneaker with a wedge platform, they always look cool and give you a sporty look when you go out.

High-Top Fashion Boots

High Top fashion boots could be a great collection for those who want to bring back the flavor of the 90s draped in sophisticated design and color. The retro-looking women’s high-top boots are something you can’t wear in day-to-day life but sure they can be reserved for special outdoor occasions. They could be made of leather as well as comfortable materials like suede.

Denim Patchwork Sandals

Sandals that too denim patchwork? Yes, denim patchworks are efficiently imprinted on the sandals or flip flops and they look absolutely stunning if you wear them with blue denim for a matching effect. This unique denim patchwork design could be a real showstopper for a modern woman.

These are the top five fashion shoes that you can’t simply miss out on in 2021. It doesn’t matter if you are comfortable in business or formal footwear, you should stock up on some unique fashion shoes available on

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