Staying home and saving lives this year was the most difficult yet necessary command. We had to find stuff to do, like putting on our nails. The experiences are very distinct but can be therapeutic from the perspective of a technician. This coming year, we can’t wait to meet our technicians. Only if it was virtually possible to visit them, but this is not feasible as the opportunity to secure a slot will be minimum. NailsAMore brings an upcoming trend in nail art that is a micro manicure.

Here is why it is the upcoming trend?

Most of the salons are reopened, which is why most spring patterns a point of inspiration. If memory is right, in the pre-lockdown era intricate shapes and imaginative designs were done. However, as we pass through 2021, we hope to maintain the ease of lockdown manicures. Fashion and beauty girls are alluring toward the manicure of A.K.A micro-France. Harriet stated that it is the next major nail pattern in 2021.

According to nail salon Woodbridge, the new spin on a conventional French manicure is a micro manicure. Tips are the only distinction. The micro-French is so finely painted and the thin color lies slightly down the nail. The polish has to be painted on a natural basis.

The universality of style is one thing that makes the style stand out. It is the most flattering mani style. And, regardless of the height of your nail bed, this is all awesome. Another unbelievable thing about this nail is that it extends the nail until it is finished properly. The best micro manicure is done only by a practitioner, but you can do so with practice from home.

Steps to Follow


This is an important step. It allows the nail to sit cleanly and uniformly. Excess cuticles are softly repressed here. Light buffing is done to remove oils or uneven sections gently.

The Base

Undertones are the best that goes with your skin tone. A sheer polish coat works brilliantly because it masks any imperfections and makes the nail flawless. Now, you are ready for the next move when you have the base.

The Tip

The most suitable tip is a thin liner brush. Once you deep the nail brush inside the nail polish, ensuring that too much is not carried onto a mixing pallet. If your hands get shakier, the easiest way to clean up any drops is to use a lip brush. All you need to do is deepen the lip brush in a remover; it will enable the nail to be polished easily.

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