As collagen does some key functions in beauty and health, it becomes important for every person to keep higher levels of collagen in their body. They need to be mindful that degradation of collagen can result in wrinkles as well as various undesirable effects. Hence, people leave no stone unturned for supplementing collagen as they age. In Japan, collagen is used for a long period in beauty and health supplements as drinks, capsules, tablets, powder, gelatin, and different other edible forms. People mix them with their regular drinks and foods. The good thing is the tastes of these drinks are enjoyed by all.

The amount of collagen you need to take

There are various answers to the question as to how much collagen a person must take. There isn’t any crystal clear reply that doctors can give. However, if you get to different articles then you will find that you must start with a dosage of 8-12 grams daily. After this, you can adjust accordingly. Most often, people prefer to take capsules with high collagen dosage. At times, people’s collagen does break because of some dietary factors and health factors, and so, people are needed to give more time to collagen for getting added.

If you eat a keto-friendly diet and have a liking for products, such as fish and salmon then you are already taking some dosages of collagen. According to research, there does not exist a thing like a collagen in higher quantities as people can always adjust to a dose that works the best for them. Though there are no negative impacts of taking too much collagen, it can cause you discomfort. If it happens then you must scale back the dose according to your needs.

How can you increase collagen in your body?

Though it is not possible for people to stop the process of aging and reverse the clock, they can use some choices for preserving collagen.

  • Diet – Diet is habitually known as an anti-aging food and it helps in protecting the present collagen from dangerous free radicals. You can include acai fruits, berries, broccoli, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, green tea, omega three fatty acids, and whole-grain fiber-rich foods in your diet.
  • Exercise – When you do regular aerobic exercise then it will stimulate as well as optimize the production of collagen. Collagen becomes triggered by regular exercise and it helps in improving nutrient and oxygen distribution to people’s skin.
  • Collagen stimulating skincare – When you undergo proper skincare utilizing powerful collagen-stimulating ingredients then it will bring a remarkable difference in the smoothness of your skin. You need to hunt for collagen-boosting components in your cosmetic skincare routine. Vitamin C is a vital component that helps in producing collagen. Copper peptides and amino acids do a similar performance.
  • Collagen injections – People use injectable fillers for getting a supple and smooth skin appearance. In youthful skin, the structures of collagen help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. Collagen fillers do increase the elasticity of the skin and plump it fast and so, lines disappear quickly. People also take capsules with high collagen dosage for retrieving the amount of collagen in their bodies.
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