Doctor home visits, which was once a forgotten relic of the past, has started to gain traction again because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Going to a hospital for a doctor’s consultation or checkup has become a risky proposition, because of the bigger chance of contracting the coronavirus there. Because of this, many doctors and medical professionals have started doing home visits, in which patients can call up a doctor to go and have the consultation done at the comfort of their homes. Find out more about how the process of doctor home visits in Singapore are done.

A Short History of Doctor Home Visits

If you have watched some early movies or movies set during the late 1800s or early 1900s, then you might have noticed that there are often scenes of doctors doing home visits. This is because this practice was more or less the norm during these times as hospitals weren’t that advanced yet and many sick people preferred to recover in the comfort of their homes and in the presence of their closest family members. Because of this, doctors had to do home visits to check on the condition of the patient and monitor his/her status.

However, little by little, doctor home visits became more and more rare due to the increase of the number of patients as well as the advancement of medical equipment and technologies in hospitals. Hospitals also allow a doctor to take care and monitor multiple patients at the same time, making proper healthcare accessible to a greater number of patients. This has also allowed many doctors to specialize in certain medical fields, which has made it much easier to develop innovations in the medical field.

Things changed once the pandemic started last 2019 though. Due to the coronavirus spreading very quickly, hospitals have become a dangerous place to visit due to the higher risk of contracting the virus. People have also been discouraged from leaving their homes, and many businesses and workplaces have transitioned to a work-from-home arrangement to limit the spread of the disease.

Because of this, accessing proper healthcare at a hospital has become a much more complicated procedure compared to before, as there are multiple restrictions that need to be kept in mind before you can schedule a consultation with a hospital doctor. Due to this, alternative ways of getting healthcare have sprung up to adjust to the current world situation, such as remote consultations via a conferencing app as well as the revival of doctor home visits in Singapore.

What are the Pros and Cons of Availing a Doctor Home Visit in Singapore?


Before you decide to call a doctor for a home visit, it is important that we know the advantages and disadvantages of it compared to a regular consultation with a doctor at a clinic or hospital.


  1. You do not have to leave your home to get a proper consultation.

One of the best things about doctor home visits is that a patient can stay at the comfort of his home and would not need to travel to a hospital to get a consultation. Driving or commuting to a hospital or medical clinic carries its own risks especially for a sick person. Instead of you having to go to the hospital, you can let your doctor come to you instead.

  1. It lessens the risk of coronavirus transmission and other contagious viral diseases.

Visiting a hospital will always carry the risk of contacting not just the coronavirus, but other viral diseases as well. Even if you take the utmost precautions during the hospital visit, you are still exposing yourself to the outside elements compared to just staying at home and avoiding it altogether. The more people you expose yourself to, the greater the risk of getting these diseases.

  1. You are closer to your family.

If you opt to avail of a doctor home visit in Singapore, you can feel much more assured knowing that you are close to your family and friends if ever you need them for support. Especially since the pandemic has limited family and friends from visiting patients in the hospital, having them close to you at all times can lift up your spirit and help you in your treatment and recovery.

  1. You can be assured that your doctor will have your full attention during the visit.

During a doctor home visit, the doctor’s only patient is you. He or she can focus on giving you the care that you need and evaluate your condition. Compare that to a doctor in a hospital that not only has to take care of you but his/her other patients in the hospital at the same time.



  1. Not all patients can be treated solely with a doctor home visit.

For the common cold and other prevalent illnesses like the flu, a doctor may be able to treat you and prescribe you the right medicine during a home visit. He or she can also do some basic tests on your vitals with just the equipment he has in hand. However, for more serious illnesses, they may require the services of medical equipment and technology that can only be found at hospitals. However, if you are unsure yet of your condition, a doctor home visit may be a better initial option so that a preliminary assessment can be done and it will be up to the doctor to determine whether you need to be brought to a hospital or not.

  1. Doctor home visits are less structured compared to being in a hospital or clinic.

As mentioned in the above, the doctor in a home visit may not be able to give you the complete care that you need for your sickness depending on your condition and your home. The doctor may bring with him a nurse or medical professional, but there is no definite standard to which this is done. Compare that with a hospital consultation in which most of the equipment and personnel are much more readily available.

So, should you avail of a doctor home visit in Singapore or not?


Ultimately, the decision will depend on you and other factors like the type of condition you are in and the comfort of your home. A good way to handle this is by availing of a doctor home visit for your initial consultation and then let the doctor decided whether or not to continue your treatment at home or at a hospital or medical facility.

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