The American Orchid Society is devoted to every aspect of the orchid. Including perpetuating, appreciation, and understanding of those delicate and wonderful flowers not to mention also growing orchids. The slower economy affects this non-profit organization also. It is crucial to allow them to have your support. I had been motivated to talk about this due to a blog discussing the way the AOS needs our support. I wish to do my part to assist raise awareness relating to this issue.

Member Benefits

Your membership fee will entitle you to definitely a regular membership to Orchids magazine. Additionally, you will be titled to get the Orchid Source Directory that’s printed yearly. Additionally, you will receive accessibility website’s people only section.

Free and Discounted Services

1. 10 % off purchases in the website or even the Orchid Emporium.

2. Reduced cost for back problems with playboy.

3. Free and reduced cost admittance to over 200 botanical gardens.

4. Lower processing charges for entering competitions.

Exactly what the AOS Does

The AOS is much more than the usual club of enthusiasts that are curious about orchid care or orchid propagation. They’re a sizable organization that promotes education, conservation, and research to aid the fervour for orchids.They likewise have established a knowing system. They organize and keep it with money from contributors.

You can purchase a 1 year membership for $65 along with a student membership for $40. It’s not a great deal to purchase supporting your desire for orchids.


For those who have never read a problem of Orchids magazine, you’re passing up on a lot of intriguing and informative information. The web site is filled with a lot of free information. Click the “orchid information” link and see all the wonderful things.

There’s a whole section there for starters having a large FAQ database. You will find sections with culture sheets and the other one with orchid info on species. Which is only a small sector from the information section.The American Orchid Society supports your desire for orchids. Everything that you could want inside a society for orchids, you’ll find together. Should you share the fervour, share the wealth and them opting for another 85 years.

Supporting any business that can help your hobby won’t be advantageous for you personally. This in lots of ways will make sure that your views and convictions concerning the world is going to be stored in tact always.

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