To most men, shaving is an errand, than having fun standing in front of the mirror. If accidentally, if you have issues with ingrown hair and razor burns, you will hate shaving. But as the personal care industry is booming and spreading, the shaving industry is also witnessing innovation and better products to improve your shaving experience. The range of shaving soap available in the market is enormous and varied, ranging from traditional tallow based hard soap to soft shaving soaps crafted from plant oil extracts.

From the extensive range of shaving soap, it is difficult to identify the best shaving soap, as it depends on numerous factors like your skin texture, beard and your likes and dislikes. It also now much time and money you like to spend for shaving. Shaving soap is toiletry consisting of ingredients of soap and fatty acid. It softens the whisker and creates a cream base so that the razor slides smoothly over the facial hair. Usually, shaving soap refers to hard soap that you need to whisk with a brush to form leather. But soft soaps are popular now a day as it forms rich foam more easily. Soft soap is emerging more popular as it is more consistent, glutinous, and creates rich leather with less time and effort.


Shaving soap and cream have diverse textures. The former is more solid and compact, while the latter is more flowing and vacillating. If you want the desired amount of leather, shaving soap is the best option. Depending on your skill, time and vigor, you can craft the exact amount of foam with optimal volume and thickness. But to get the best result, you need some practice with hard soap. Additionally, shaving soap is more durable than shaving cream as there is less water content, making it more cost-effective.

Lush leather

The foam created from shaving soap is lusher, thus giving a more comfortable shaving experience. But using a shaving soap is more of an art; it requires your time, effort and skill; on the other hand, cream gives instant foam. If you want to enjoy shaving leisurely, listing to music, spending some quiet time in front of the mirror, then shaving soap is the ideal option.

In fashion

Hard soap bar is out of trend, but they are back with a bang. Triple pressed tablet soap is the premium quality and the most sophisticated variety in the market. These soaps have little water content, consistent with a fine grain texture. Since they are concentrated, you create ample leather with a little amount of soap. Even after persistent use, the quality remains unharmed. To get an optimal result, use a stiffer and harder brush.

Glycerin based

The best shaving soaps contain glycerin (fat or oil) blended with a perfume that fascinates thousands of men worldwide. These creamy shaving soaps are economical and give you freshness with outstanding fragrance. Glycerin based soaps dwindle fast than triple pressed ones as there is more water content, so you have to replenish it more frequently. You can have multiple shaving soaps in your toilet so that you can choose according to your mood and situation.

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