Organic substances, called peptide regulators, can be used to stimulate biochemical processes and promote self-recovery. After discovering a way to make bioregulators, scientists were able create a brand new drug. They can reduce age-related diseases and slow down the aging process.

All organisms are built on proteins. They are responsible for the activation and transfer of biochemical reactions, as well as organizing the proteins. The rate of protein synthesis is crucial to the functioning of all organs and systems. The main regulators for the assembly and distribution of protein molecules are peptides.

The levels of regulatory peptides decrease as people age, and this can have a negative impact on cell renewal. Stress can deactivate DNA, making it harder for the body’s information to be processed. This can cause a decrease in wellbeing and hormonal disturbance.

The pool of regulatory protein can be replenished by external replenishment. The peptides are used to restore organ functions and renew cells. The result is improved health, a better quality of life and a longer lifespan.

Mechanism of molecular actions

The peptide is composed of several short peptides. They are not digested and absorbed in the bloodstream when they enter the stomach or intestines. Blood peptides are absorbed by the bloodstream. They pass through the cytoplasmic cell membrane to reach the nucleus. They bind the nucleosomes which are the structural part of a human chromosome. This controls the process that transforms the information from the gene into active functional proteins. These proteins are then used to restore the functionality of cells and renew them. Gene expression is what we call this.

Uniquely, peptide-like peptides can activate cells and increase gene activity. This strengthens the structure and functions of organs and tissues. It is only natural for centenarians to experience this phenomenon.

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