For a few years now, mother daughter complicity has not been limited to manicure sessions and moments in the kitchen. In India, the current trend is leaning more and more towards a dress style: that of mother daughter matching outfits. Yes, for those who do not know it yet, this is the duo of the moment. Whether in a completely or partially identical look, it strengthens the affinity with your toddler. So, are you ready to discover this new phenomenon? If so, here are 03 things to know about like mother like daughter fashion.


You have certainly noticed it! Your daughter loves to imitate you. Whether it’s table service, your gym workouts or whatever, she wants to do like you. This is why the stylists had the brilliant idea of ​​matching mother daughter clothes. This way your little princess could feel you.

Even if it seems at first glance an idea to bring the mother closer to her little girl, it is not the case. Indeed, the first idea of ​​this fashion is to sell more! Many mothers have adopted it and the trend has therefore spread throughout India. Thus, it is common to see mothers dressed like their daughters in the streets.


For many women, the goal is simply to please their child and strengthen the bond with their princess. However, this trend goes further and can be used much more.

– Transmit your clothing tastes to your child: the mother daughter outfit fashion allows you to reframe your daughter’s clothing style from an early age. She gets used to dressing like you and will likely keep that look as she gets older.

– Create a loving atmosphere between you and your princess when you go out: Being like your mother inevitably gives you more desire to share moments together.

– Save on the cost of buying your own clothes and those of your children: For many stores, the prices of mommy and me dresses are much lower than those of single sets.


Contrary to what you may think, it is the mother who imitates the child. Yep, although it sounds absurd, many mothers find their daughters too cute in their outfits. So, for women they want to look younger and look like their granddaughters. For that, what could be better than an identical outfit for all? You will understand, if you also want to follow the movement like mother, like daughter, you know what to do: buy your mother daughter outfit now and celebrate the end of the year together. Thanks to this you will get a relaxed and glamorous style. In addition, all occasions are good to put on this ready-to-wear, which is one of our essentials.

You can add to your wardrobe, a short dress or a long dress, a t-shirt with round neck and short sleeves, a fancy evening dress, a beach dress, a t-shirt dress, available in several colours. Do not hesitate any longer and take advantage of online shopping with the latest fashion trends.

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