You’ve made the decision to open up your own massage practice, and you’ve invested in the best equipment. Now you need to know how to set up intake forms for your clients. There are many ways to do this, but using a template is one of the easiest ways for both you and your clients to keep track of their information.

Here are some steps that will help you create an intake form that works best for your business.

What are intake forms?

Massage intake forms are a form of data collection for your business. They can help you understand your clients better and provide you with information that will help you to create the best experience for them. They should be created in advance so that they can be filled out easily. When done correctly, it will only take the client a few minutes to complete one, which means there is less time needed to collect their information.

How to set up intake forms

When you first start out, it can be difficult to remember all the information that you need for each client. That’s why intake forms are so helpful. They help you gather all of the necessary information from your clients in one place, keeping things organized, and making it easier for both you and your client.

Here are some steps to help with the process of setting up intake forms for your clients:

  • Gather all of your supplies ahead of time
  • Create a template on the computer or on paper
  • Have a blank form ready to fill out with all of the necessary fields
  • Have an envelope or folder ready to store completed forms

The do’s and don’ts of intake form templates

Keeping your intake forms simple will help you create a more streamlined process for both you and your clients. Don’t try to ask too many questions on your intake form. If you do, the form could become confusing and may result in missing information.

Do keep your intake forms as short as possible. Your clients may not be up for answering a long list of questions when they come into your office for the first time, so asking fewer questions is usually better. You should also make sure your forms are easy to read and understand. A busy form with lots of small text is difficult to navigate and may dissuade potential clients from filling it out.


Massage is a popular therapy that can help with various conditions, from migraines to carpal tunnel. Intake forms are crucial to the success of your massage business. A well-crafted intake form will enable you to provide the perfect massage experience for your clients. Make sure to set up your intake forms to ask for the right information in the right places, so you can focus on providing an exceptional massage experience for your clients.

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