Handbags are every girl’s best friend, not only because they’re convenient but also because they define your style and create a bold statement about your lifestyle and fashion preferences. Getting your first designer handbag can be a little intimidating, like many brands, styles, fabrics, and color options available in the market. It always leaves you hanging with a question mark on your head. To guide you pick a perfect handbag that you can use for years to come, here are some of the tips that you should consider when buying designer handbags.

RESEARCH BRANDS & COMPARE PRICES: With countless designer and luxury handbag brands, it becomes a little challenging to start your shopping spree. However, you should try to narrow the process by selecting the brands that fit your budget and overall aesthetic. For instance, if you’re more of a classic kind of girl, you can go for some vintage and if you’re a bit edgy, go for something modern with chic style! Consider the price as it varies from brand to brand, do your research to buy designer bags you desire.

CONSIDER VERSATILITY: Purchasing a handbag that can be worn in multiple ways with a wide range of different outfits is always an excellent investment. For instance, a wallet on a chain looks like an ideal worn crossbody with jeans and a simple t-shirt as it does as a clutch for fancy occasions.

CONSIDER THE SIZE: If you’re used to carrying around many items, a small-wallet-like handbag on a chain won’t be practically good for you. Even though bigger handbags can be a bit expensive, it may be worth it to spend a bit more for the one you’ll avail more use out of!

CONSIDER THE MATERIAL: When purchasing a leather handbag, it’s essential to keep in mind that certain kinds of leather come with the risk of scratching with time. However, the worn-in look is still lovely. If you wish your handbag to retain its original look forever, a more durable kind of leather is the perfect material to choose from.

DON’T ALWAYS FOLLOW TRENDS: Getting the latest, trendy ‘it bags’ of the season is always tempting to buy, but its style most likely won’t stand the test of time. To make a better and long-term investment, you can buy a bit more classic style that you won’t get tired of carrying. Most importantly, such luxury bags India offer better resale value!


Before you indulge in buying handbags at the first online or offline store you see, it’s always better to look into seeing if there are better options available in the market. Is it available at a department store where you could get a discount? Or since most designer handbags are sometimes affordable overseas, should you get it booked from a specific place? Taking everything into consideration, you should make a purchase.

If you don’t care about your being brand new and want to save a few bucks, you can consider going the vintage route. Some vintage sites where you can avail excellent deals and classic designer bags can also be worth the shot!

After you buy designer bags, don’t make the mistake of keeping them hidden inside your closet for special occasions. With the amount of money you spend, it surely deserves to be shown off whenever you get the chance! Designer Handbags are costly and exquisite accessories, and once you’ve spent your income on this guilty pleasure, it’s almost essential to ensure that your purchase is every bit worth the price paid for.

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