Jaw surgery is a facial plastic surgery procedure that aims to fix the cheeks and jawline of a patient to give them more defined features. The cheekbones and jawline are part of what makes up one’s face, so fixing it with jaw surgery will restore their appearance back to normal. Jaw Surgery in Singapore is usually done together with other procedures such as: Facelift Surgery, Liposuction, Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) or Rhinoplasty (Nose Job).

The main aim of jaw surgery is to fix the patient’s facial structure and give them a well-contoured look that is in line with their age group. Jaw Surgery helps make up for defects such as:

  • Overly protruding chin
  • Narrow face
  • Long face shape
  • Flat cheekbones

To get a near flawless appearance, it is best to have all these procedures done together under one surgeon who has vast experience in this field. This will maximize the results and minimize downtime. Experience plays a key role in choosing a good plastic surgeon for jaw surgery in Singapore because not every expert has achieved similar results when it comes to extracting exactly what needs to be fixed on each patient. This could be due to differences in face structures, bone structure, and surgical techniques.

The Maxillofacial Surgeons at TES Clinic have a wealth of knowledge in performing these procedures and will be able to advise you on what hidden factors need to be considered before going ahead with the surgery. If you’re considering getting jaw surgery in Singapore, it is best to schedule an appointment with your local Singapore plastic surgeon, who will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

They will determine if undergoing jaw surgery is right for you based on your age, profession, and lifestyle, amongst other factors. There are many reasons why people get their chins fixed, but most importantly, it highlights your features so that your face becomes instantly slimmer by giving a more defined chin line.

How does Jaw Surgery Work?

The main goal of jaw surgery in Singapore is to reduce the length of a patient’s more prominent features while adding on to the less noticeable ones. This will help create a good balance between your face and enhance your overall appearance. Jaw surgery can be done in one of two ways:

  • Open Approach or the
  • Closed Approach

With an open approach, surgeons make an incision from ear to ear across the lower part of their patient’s cheekbones so that they have access to the upper jaws without damaging any nerves or muscles. Once this has been completed, bone can easily be shaved off and excess fat removed during liposuction. In some cases where there is too much fat around the chin area, it is necessary for surgeons to remove excess skin before closing up the wounds with tiny stitches.

On the other hand, the closed approach is done without making any external cuts and scars. It involves making a small incision through your mouth where surgeons get rid of excess bone and tissue so that they can contour the jawline to create a more defined look for their patient.

Once this has been completed, they will carefully sew up the wound with stitches and send you off home to rest during recovery time until all signs of post-surgical redness and swelling have disappeared completely. Both procedures aim to correct one’s facial structure, but it is best to visit an expert before choosing which method suits you best because each has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to the other [if applicable].

How much does a Jaw Surgery Cost in Singapore?

The cost of jaw surgery in Singapore varies from clinic to clinic and largely depends on your personal requirements. In most cases where patients need a quick fix, they can pay as low as SGD 5,000 but if you’re looking for the best results with the most affordable procedure, visiting a high-end medical center is your best bet.

Depending on whether or not you would like to have additional procedures done along with jaw surgery such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or rhinoplasty (nose job), prices can range between SGD 8,000 to SGD 10,000. This is because it costs more time and money to perform multiple surgeries at once as opposed to having one procedure alone completed over a few separate sessions.

The Risks of Undergoing a Jaw Surgery

Before going ahead with any type of cosmetic surgery, it is important to be informed and acknowledge the risks involved. Jaw surgery, in particular, comes with its fair share of side effects, such as

  • Swelling [can last up to six weeks]
  • Bruising [will take time before disappearing completely]
  • Bleeding [generally occurs during the first few days after surgery when membrane tissues start healing together]
  • Infection [a lump around the surgical area may also form if proper care isn’t taken post-surgery]

Despite these minor setbacks, patients can look forward to achieving satisfying results over time since jaw surgeries are typically long-term solutions. On top of this, consulting with an expert doctor will help you gain a clearer picture of what to expect and allay your fears so that you can get back to feeling good in your own skin without fear or lost confidence after surgery. To get the best results and reduce your risks of complications, remember to follow your plastic surgeon’s post-treatment guidelines on issues like avoiding alcohol consumption which may delay your healing.

What are the Benefits of Getting my Jaw Fixed by an Expert Doctor from Singapore?

An experienced doctor has performed multiple procedures before and is well versed in their expertise. This means that they have the necessary know-how to handle any unexpected complications that may arise.

Furthermore, these professionals not only specialize in performing jaw surgeries but also other facial reconstructions, so you can rest assured knowing that this surgeon has years of experience doing procedures related to your particular needs. They take pride in their work because it is important that every patient who walks through their doors has a positive experience and leaves feeling satisfied with the results even after surgery.

Final Thoughts on Jaw Surgery

While there are different procedures that can be done to improve your facial structure, jaw surgery is a popular choice among patients because of its ability to provide dramatic results. This process should only be done by a professional doctor who has received training and knows how to work “in-and-out” of the mouth, so always make sure you go through the right channels before committing. If you still aren’t quite convinced that this is for you, check out other options such as dermal fillers, which may give similar improvements but in a shorter time frame.

At TES Clinic, we provide aesthetic solutions so you can have a balanced face with proportionate features. Contact us today to find out how you can achieve this naturally! Call +65 6737 0552 or email us at [email protected].

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