With time people are getting more innovative with their fashion choices. But this wasn’t the case always, there was a time when styling and fashion got dimmed out, then mesh came in style. What exactly is a mesh dress? Mesh is a material made by connecting strands with small pocket holes. Mesh dresses have been in style for about 130 years but it is still in fashion. Mesh was first used by British mill owner Lewis Haslam as a fabric for clothing and still, it is in style for years. Mesh fabric is used for dresses, tops, skirts, etc. A mesh dress is a bold chic choice with a hint of grunge.

This trend was earlier resonated with strippers, 80s teens but now it is worn by every fashion lover. A mesh dress is a bold clothing piece, with a little bit of peek-a-boo element to it. It is an urban and chic choice, with sexiness added modestly. If worn correctly a mesh can be bang on a clothing piece to make you look top-notch. It can be styled with basic flared jeans, and loafers to make it more fashionable, and it can be styled in multiple ways.

1.  As An Over Jacket

If you were a follower of Madonna in the late 80s, she was a lover of punk fashion. She was quite often seen in mesh outfits with chic-sexy looks. Though it is not necessary to style a mesh dress your lingerie being noticeable, can be styled as an over jacket with your basic outfits. A mesh is quite a versatile piece and does not always have to be styled with fishnet stockings.

2. Over A Dress

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber are the fashion icons and originators of street-style fashion. They were seen styling a mesh dress over a basic bodycon or maxi dress. A mesh can use as an overlay on your bodycon dresses to make them look more put together.

3. The Quintessential Styling

The most loved styling tip of a mesh dress is to style a mesh dress as it is only, only with nude lingerie and you’ll be good to go. This kind of style is perfect for mesh dresses which can be worn with a nude bodysuit underneath to give a clean look. This style is most loved like Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift, who can be quite often seen in a mesh dress.

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