Going through cataract might seem like a cakewalk to others in the family, but there are several symptoms that can be quite frustrating for the one who is going through the same. Inability to read, blurry vision, inability to drive due to lack of proper eyesight, extreme sensitivity to eye, formation of ‘web’ like at times right in front of the eyes, etc. are only a couple of symptoms that a person goes through when they have cataract.

So what do you do now that you have realized you (or a family member) have cataract? You visit a good ophthalmologist or a popular institute like kraff eye institute where good physicians can help you with the surgery of the cataract.

How do you choose the best and right hospital for your cataract surgery?

Firstly, if you have friends who have recently been through a cataract operation, it’s important for you to get in touch with them. Ask them about the hospital they went to and find more information about the clinic. Trusting a doctor, or institute, that your friend recommends is easier than anything else; your friend would want the best for you.

Secondly, this is where you use the internet. You might have put your symptoms on your favorite search engine and realized you have cataract. Since it has informed you about the problem, maybe you can learn about the one with the solution, too. Make a list of the top three cataract surgeons online, along with the address of their hospital, institute or clinic and visit them as soon as possible. Remember you are not supposed to delay any kind of eye problem, since you see the world through the same. You can risk your life, and the life of others too, if your vision is blurry or unclear.

Thirdly, get as much of information as you can about the doctors at the hospital you are planning to visit. You can put the name of the institute or hospital on different search engines and find out what kind of reviews it has. Reading feedback from people, who have gotten their cataract surgeries at a specific clinic, helps the most.

Lastly, ensure to find a hospital or institute that does not charge you a huge fee for the surgery. If there are expensive surgeons out there, then there are affordable ones too!

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