With new parenthood comes the constant need to give the best to your baby. However, a common struggle, for most new parents, could be to tackle the multitude of skin problems a newborn’s skin is likely to face in the initial months. A baby’s skin is very soft and delicate and is prone to rashes, bumps, and spots. These conditions are often the result of newborn skin sensitivity and the impact of heat, cold, and bacteria. At first this may seem worrying, but most of these can be quite easily taken care of. Let us first take a look at common skin conditions that affect infant skin –

Diaper Rash – Diaper rash is an extremely common rash that most babies and infants develop. These appear as bright, red bumps in the diaper area. This is often a result of the moisture retention from urine and stool and the fact that the diaper area is not exposed to air. Keeping the area dry and clean, changing the diaper often, and using the best organic diaper rash cream or organic multipurpose cream will help heal and prevent diaper rash.

Dry Skin – New-born babies shed their birth skin within a few days. Even as new skin develops many infants suffer from dry skin. While it is best not to rub or massage the sensitive dry skin of infants, it may require regular moisturization with an organic baby body lotion.

Stork Bites – A stork bite (medical term – nevus simplex) appears as a small reddish patch often seen on the back of the neck. These often become darker in colour depending on the weather. This condition is also called ‘angel’s kiss’ and is caused by a nest of blood vessels. It often goes away on its own and can be aided by the use of an organic multipurpose cream.

Heat Rash – Heat rash comes up as a clutter of red pimply bumps on the neck, back, armpits, and chest area and often arises out of heat. While it is a common condition, it may make your little one cranky and uncomfortable. A multipurpose cream can often help in mild cases, but if it persists it is best to contact a paediatrician.

Cradle Cap – The yellow, flaky dandruff-like rash that appears on the scalp of a newborn is referred to as cradle cap. This is very common in the first few months and may even last longer. Persistent cases of cradle cap may require medical attention, but in most cases, it disappears very quickly.

Infant Acne – Infant skin tends to develop what is referred to as infant acne. These are small pimple-like bumps that break out on the baby’s face. This is a result of the mother’s hormones and often clear up within a few weeks. It is best not to use any chemical soaps or washes on this condition.

Certified organic multi-purpose cream to the rescue                 

One of the handiest solutions that a parent can look for at home, is a certified organic multi-purpose cream. goodness.me’s Certified Organic Multi-purpose Baby Cream, for example, provides symptomatic relief from irritations such as itching and dryness and protects against rashes, redness, minor cuts, and skin inflammation. It also helps keep delicate baby skin smooth and moisturized at all times.

Why certified organic?

While looking for the best natural diaper rash cream for babies, it is important to read the labels carefully. Be wary of products that call themselves ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ as these do not come with a certification to prove their authenticity. Always look for a CERTIFIED ORGANIC product for your baby.

goodness.me’s multi-purpose baby cream is free from phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, or toxins that easily get absorbed by the baby’s delicate skin and prove to be potentially harmful. This all-purpose cream is COSMOS ORGANIC certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE according to COSMOS Standard, which means it is certified by two of the largest organic certification bodies in the world. With the goodness of organic aloe vera, organic chamomile, and rose water, this cream gently protects the baby’s delicate skin against various skin problems, and so it makes for our favourite choice for your little ones!

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