Hey there!

Do you want to surprise your Mom on her birthday the way she surprised yours?

Do you want to make her overwhelmed and happy?

Well, we know that you are shouting YES! YES! Because every child would love to make her mother feel immensely happy and to do that, her birthday is just satisfying.

We bring you some amazing gift time recommendations to make you feel extremely overwhelmed on her birthday.

Take the guidance and choose the gift wisely. Don’t be shy to pick more than if your heart says so!

Flower Bouquet

Surprise your sweet mother with a bouquet of fresh and blooming flowers on her birthday. Let her know that she has showered the fragrance of love on you throughout life just like the flowers do.

Homemade Chocolates

Put the YoutTube application in your smartphone and learn to make chocolates at home. Start your learning weeks before your Mom’s birthday so you can practice well and surprise her with a basket full of chocolates made by you.

Designer Cake

Make your Mom feel the sweetness of your love by presenting a designer birthday cake for Mom. Know the favourite cake flavour of your mother so that she will enjoy every bite of it. You can get the cake topped with a caricature of a woman in your Mom’s favourite attire.

Personalised Coffee Mug

Coffee’s more than just a morning pick-me-up. It keeps her going through morning chaos, work emails, and after-school activities. Find the best gifting shop to get the mug personalised with your Mom’s picture. This mug reminds her that you get it.

Face Mask

It’s the best gift to show care in the current situation. You know Mom wouldn’t dare leave the house without a mask while going out to buy groceries or for some personal work. So it doesn’t hurt to have a silky, pretty one that has an adjustable nose and ear strap.


Gift your Mom a cute and comfy cushion so that she can have a quick snap while working from home and in-between household chores. Try to find a cushion matching the colour theme of her bedroom.


An air-purifying indoor plant potted in a designer vase can make a really good gift to surprise your Mom on her birthday. Ask her to keep the plant in her bedroom or in the kitchen so that she can breathe fresh air all the time.

Pot Scrubbers

If your Mom already has a plant which she loves caring for, get her off sponges and paper towels and onto these cuties Lil reusable pot scrubbers, which she can throw in the washing machine after they get dirty.

What I Love About Mom Book

You can try to find this one over the internet or local market or can make one yourself. Buy a dairy which has quality pages and write a reason why you love your Mom on every single page. To make it look beautiful, wrap the diary with a special birthday cover designed and created by you.

Initial Necklace

The sweet pendants on a minimalist and beautiful necklace in the shape of her first and last name initials will double the magic of receiving a necklace as a birthday gift for your Mom. Don’t go out of your budget because concern matters the most, not the price of a gift!

A New Smartphone

In case your Mom is operating a two or three-year-old smartphone, then replacing it with a new one is a great birthday idea. And if she doesn’t have one till now then let her be the part of modernisation by gifting her a smartphone and teaching her how to operate it.

Happy Gifting!

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