A Tennis Bracelet is a string of diamonds placed one after another. All the diamonds are of the same size and same cut here. The colour of the diamonds are also the same. If you do not like traditional looks, then you will also get some unusual and out of the box designs available out there. You can search the internet and choose a tennis bracelet that looks good on you. Compare the prices of this jewellery available in different online shops and then locate the one whose price is lower.

Why such a quirky name?

Well, back in 1987, Chris Evert, the famous US tennis player lost her infinite diamond bracelet during an US open match. Evert who was a fashion icon back then asked the organizers and referee to stop the game and help her look for the bracelet! The game was paused and the whole world witnessed the event of Evert’s bracelet searching. Since then, the infinite diamond bracelets are named after this great game of Tennis. Several jewellery shop owners started calling infinite diamond bracelets as ‘Tennis Bracelet’.

Factors while choosing a Tennis Bracelet: 

  • In case of choosing a Tennis Bracelet, the buyer should consider the quality of the diamond and the base metal. Base metals of the Tennis Bracelets are available in the different metals. You can get it in Gold, Platinum, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold or White gold. According to your budget and your choice of colours you need to choose the base metal for your Tennis Bracelet. Different brands offer different metals according to their designs and of course your budget.
  • The second factor and the most important one is of course the quality and cut of the diamonds added to the bracelet. The quality, size and colour of the diamond matters when you are designing a diamond bracelet. You can choose either a 14K or a 18K gold bracelet on which your diamonds will be placed. 14K and 18K gold bracelets are durable and you can use them on a daily basis without damaging the jewellery. 

Can we expect certified diamonds?

In case of an engagement ring, a big diamond is generally placed in the centre. Smaller diamonds are also placed on either side of this big diamond. There’s a huge chance of grading. Jewellers use this grading technique in order to provide you a near perfect and flawless gemstone in your jewellery. But in the case of the Tennis Bracelet, all diamonds are very small and you cannot certify them due to their size. Hence, the jewellers cannot grade these diamonds either. If they try to grade and certify these gemstones, the general price of a Tennis Bracelet would go up.


Tennis bracelets are available with different types of ring settings. You just need to find a jeweller who will provide you with original diamonds and original metals for the bracelet. Read the reviews available on the internet to locate the best jeweller and an innovative piece of jewellery for your personal use.

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