We all have those days when we want to just throw on a pair of leggings with a warm jumper and get on with the day. If a girl could, she would live in her PJs and cozy sweaters all day long, especially in frosty winters. Though, it’s not possible to do that. There are occasions that call for heavy loaded jackets or waistcoats, knee-length boots and an attire designed for a perfect Winter Avatar.

All thanks to Covid-19, the casual trend is heavy this season and there’s a dearth of outfit options to choose from. So, here is how you can devise a perfect winter wardrobe capsule with minimalism induced.


If you are uncomfortable in your clothes, it’s definitely not casual. The first rule to achieve a casual look is to avoid wearing anything that will require you to suck your stomach in or live in a claustrophobic state throughout the day. But, you also don’t want to be too comfortable to not get any work done. There’s a thin line between the two. To crack the look, trade your skinny jeans for boyfriend jeans and that fitted bodycon for a shift dress. You can pair cozy jackets with blarfs (blanket + scarves), embellished t-shirts or embraided blouses to stay relaxed throughout the day.


Again, you cannot expect to be comfortable in big pencil heels. It is also harmful for your feet to wear them for long hours so keep them reserved for formal events only.  Shoes for women are anyway not limited to heels anymore; they come in all sorts of styles today. It will be a shame to not experiment with them. For your everyday casual look, opt for sneakers, flat sandals or ballerinas. If you want to add a little height, you can go for ankle-length boots that are a big hit in winters but come at a great expense of comfort.


Heavy makeup does not go well with casual attire and now that everyone is staying away from beauty salons, everyone is following a minimal approach when it comes to makeup. With casual western wear for women, you can try to experiment a bit by doing a judicious makeup shopping in Delhi stores of malls like Select CITYWALK. Also, dark eyeshadows, heavy blush-on, a dark lipstick is not a good idea to wear on such days. Instead, try to pull-off a no-makeup makeup look with a BB cream, mascara and a peach blush on. Lipsticks in tints of browns and peaches would work well with casual outfits.


Limit the number of accessories to two or three to keep it subtle. When it comes to bags, go for totes or duffel bags. Make sure that your jewelry is not blingy or showy. Instead, go for stud earrings, charms bracelet or midi rings to accessorize your outfit.


Winter fashion staples and layering go hand in hand. While Autumn is still limited to sweats and jean-jackets, winter is the time when you can truly experiment with layering. Nothing can beat the charm of knee-length waist coats during winters and make sure you have it in your wardrobe. With sweaters, you can go about layering with a shrug, clasp a belt at your waist or team it up with black leggings (leggings paired with short skirts, especially!). Go a bit minimalistic on the accessorizing part as simplicity is the key here. Pair it up with white sneakers and an easy sling bag to slay at your workplace with your simplistic charm.

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