The coronavirus still rages on in many countries and some are yet to get a handle on the problem. In contrast, many nations are on top of the virus and have vaccinated a large portion of their citizens. Covid-19 has had a massive impact on many of our industries and education has been one of the hardest hit. With changes to schools and curriculums all over the world, we have learned a lot from the pandemic.

Kids will Adapt

One of the most positive things that have come out of the pandemic is that we have found that kids are incredibly resilient and can learn using many different platforms. Leading international institutions around the world provided important resources to kids online and students from Basis International School could easily learn remotely once they accessed their website at

Teachers and parents alike have been impressed at the adaptability of students and how they get on with things like it was just another day. When students left class during school closures, they knew that teachers would be there to help them to learn from home.

Support is Essential

Support from teachers while learning from home is essential during a pandemic. When students cannot get to class and they are set projects online, teachers must be easy to contact in case they are needed to give direction.

Teachers are not the only peers who are crucial during the pandemic, parents must also play a key role. Lots of parents needed to be patient and attentive while trying to juggle their kids’ homework with job responsibilities and other household tasks. Without the help of parents, kids would not be able to manage at home. Parents had to quickly adapt to the new situation and get used to new technology for online learning.

The transition from classroom to homeroom would not have been possible without the support of dedicated teaching staff and loving parents.

Open Feedback is Critical

Although this should be evident throughout the year, it is even more important when things got turned upside down and schools had to close because of the pandemic. A good quality school must be willing to welcome feedback.

We have learned a lot from the pandemic. Schools, parents, teachers, and pupils have had to work hard to ensure the students’ education did not suffer. Although it has been a challenge, everyone has pulled together and done their best.

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