Cognitive assessments, also known as intelligence testing, are used to establish a person’s thinking and reasoning abilities. Consider it as a common medical checkup in a doctor’s office, but the goal, in this case, is analyzing the mental health of an individual.

In Hong Kong, intelligence testing has become very important because of the high rate of mental disorders. One in every seven adults in Hong Kong suffers from poor mental well-being. This situation is made worse by the fact that about 74% of those with mental issues do not seek expert assistance.

The grim picture of the state of mental health in Hong Kong demonstrates the dire need for IQ testing and viable solutions to related issues. This post is a closer look at cognitive assessments to help you answer two main questions, “What is checked in a mental examination?” and “Should you take the test?”

What Is Checked During Cognitive Assessments?

When you go for an IQ assessment, there are several methods that can be used. The commonest is the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCa), which takes about 15 minutes. Another method, although not commonly used, is the Mini-Mental State Exam, which takes only seven to ten minutes. Irrespective of the method of assessment, here are the main tests to anticipate:

  • Verbal Comprehension

This test is used to assess a person’s ability to understand verbal information and expressing thoughts in words. The medical examiner in Hong Kong will also check the rate of speech. Recruiters use verbal comprehension test reports when hiring new employees to predict how effectively they can follow instructions.

  • Appearance

How you appear and carry yourself can tell a lot about your mental health. During an IQ test, the examiner looks for alertness, emotional facial expression, and grooming. Your posture and possible physical abnormalities will also be checked.

  • Behavior

Your behavior is another important component of cognitive assessments. The examiner checks for things such as eye contact, abnormal movements, and psychomotor activities.

  • Thought Process

When the examiner engages with a subject, he will want to rate the thought process. Are your thoughts well connected, logical, and coherent? If they are not, the examiner might rate them as unclear or inconsistent.

When carrying IQ tests, the medical examiner might frame the questions differently depending on the subject and the goal. For example, cognitive assessments for recruiting new employees will be different from those administered to students.

Should You Take the Mental Test?

As we indicated earlier, a significant portion of the Hong Kong population’s mental health is poor. If you have any of the following concerns, it might be time to check in for mental assessment.

  • Becoming overly forgetful.
  • You are a senior with more than 65 years.
  • There are other family members with mental challenges.
  • You have other health issues likely to impact your mental health.
  • Losing train of your thought during conversations.

Mental problems in Hong Kong have reached pretty high levels because of people’s careers and lifestyles, but this should not be a stumbling block to your success. If you have any of the concerns we have highlighted above, make sure to book a mental examination with an expert in Hong Kong. The expert will also give you recommendations to boost your IQ.

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