There are various teaching scholarships readily available for various kinds of education-based greater learning programs. The American Montessori Society Scholarship, for instance, offers financial help for qualifying students from the Montessori Method, that is an academic approach in line with the research and encounters of Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori, who resided from 1870 to 1952, discovered during her observations of youthful children given freedom within an atmosphere where they’d materials created for self-directed learning, they would inevitably exhibit their true normal nature. It’s useful for just about any prospective education students to understand about American Montessori Society Scholarships and find out when they qualify.

The American Montessori Society offers teaching scholarships to “offer the development of Montessori teachers of tomorrow.” The society’s scholarship is just open to ambitious Montessori teachers who’ve either been recognized or are while being recognized by an affiliated AMS teacher education program. Like many grants, applicants from the American Montessori Society Scholarship are thought according to their financial need, compelling personal statements and three recommendations. The applying process also necessitates the official verification of acceptance into an AMS-affiliated teacher education program, and current students such programs cannot apply.

There have been many 2009 teaching scholarships awarded through the American Montessori Society. There is this year’s Living Legacy award totaling $44,750, that was succumbed recognition of Marie M. Dugan. As many as $110,000 was elevated during Marie’s Living Legacy year, thanks partly to some generous matching grant from Eveline and Bob Roberts, and also the Montessori Teacher Association in Dugan’s home condition of Delaware helped fund the awards for ambitious teachers from that condition. Dr. Pamela Zell Rigg from the Zell Family Scholarship Fund also provided two $1,000 scholarships for ambitious Montessori teachers. As many as 18 ambitious teachers received these various awards to pursue their educations and be the Montessori teachers of tomorrow. There are various scholarships available, and lots of different teaching styles. If you wish to pursue a teaching career centered on the Montessori Method, the American Montessori Society Scholarship might be a great chance for you personally.

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