If you are contemplating taking the bold step of breast fat grafting, don’t think you are alone! A breast implant is a popular procedure to achieve fuller breasts, and several thousands of women go for breast implants yearly.

1. Women Undergo Breast Implants for Personal Reasons

Although the overall result they all want is to get a fuller breast, their reasons differ. You may be able to relate to one or two. Some women want to restore the firmness they have lost in their breasts after pregnancy or weight loss. Some prefer having a voluptuous body, while others need to build their self-confidence and body image, so they decide to undergo breast implant surgery. For whichever reason you want, a breast implant justifies its purpose.

2.  The Implants Are of 2 types

Before you decide to go on with breast implant surgery, you must understand and be able to choose from the two types of breast implants. Here are the important things you should know:

Saline Breast Implant

The saline implant is a solution containing salt 

  • It is usually less expensive.
  • A saline implant is typically lightweight, so you may not feel any difference after the implant.
  • Your preference determines the quantity of the saline solution in the implant more.
  • If ruptured, the body can easily absorb the saline solution.

Silicone Breast Implant 

  • As the name implies, the silicone implant contains a sticky silicone gel.
  • It gives a more natural look since the gel can almost be mistaken for breast tissue.
  • It is more expensive.
  • A leak in the silicone gel can leave a scar on your body.

3. Surgery Takes About 1-2 hours

Depending on how complex the breast implant may take, the surgery usually takes about 1 to 2 hours. Before the surgery, your surgeon will induce you to sleep with general anesthesia, so you won’t know what happens.

Next, your surgeon will place your preferred type of implant under the breast tissue or chest muscle after they make an incision near your breast crease or armpit. Your surgeon closes the incision using stitches or surgical tape to complete the procedure.

4. Recovery Takes Some Time

Although you should be able to return home the same day, you may take about two weeks to recover as your body needs some time to adjust to the change. Here are some outcomes you should expect:

  • Your breast may experience some swells and scars.
  • You may experience discomfort and pain.
  • There may be drainage from your incision; it’s normal.
  • You must make sure to follow the instructions and prescriptions from your surgeon and take enough rest.
  • Consult your surgeon again if you feel weird.

How Can I Find a Qualified Surgeon To Perform Breast Implant Surgery?

If you are making such an important decision, it is only normal to make sure you find a qualified surgeon. All you need to do to get a breast implant in Singapore is by scheduling a consultation with your prospective surgeon so you can feel comfortable enough before D-day. Visit http://www.covetteclinic.com to schedule an appointment today!

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