Who really needs a fake engagement ring when the real one can last forever?  Well, the fake ones are less expensive and most importantly, they are virtually indestructible. Like the real one, your fake engagement diamond ring can last forever as well. While you are comfortable wearing a real diamond engagement ring at home, but what about when you travel? Well, when you travel or are on vacation, wearing a real diamond ring can be risky. Real diamond rings are expensive as well as would be dear to you, so you would never want to lose them or destroy them. This is where a simulated diamond is a sensible substitute. You can moreover reduce the losses with a substitute ring if robbery or theft happen.

Why are diamonds expensive?

Before knowing what is the best fake diamond, the question of why a diamond is expensive might be on your mind. Just imagine when human beings first discovered that diamonds could be cut into multiple planes and facets. The most breathtaking part might be the sparkling light and amazing colours. This beauty made objects made out of diamond so desirable. Well, the colour and sparkle of the diamond are all due to the refraction of the light inside the diamond. As these natural diamonds are beautiful, their prices are also high. The demand for natural diamond also grew, the supply also increased. However, the supply of diamond is strictly controlled by diamond merchants and the country producing them.

A diamond simulant ring

Now that you have read about a natural diamond, it is time to read about the alternative to such a beautiful and expensive thing. Well, a simulant diamond ring is the best alternative to these natural diamonds. Simulated diamonds like crystal glass, moissanite and cubic zirconia can be manufactured. Also, these stimulants are not mined and their supply is not controlled by the diamond industry. Now you may think that a stimulated diamond does not have the same spark and beauty as that of the original one! After all, the colour and light effects of a real diamond are superior because of the price differences. Well, though less expensive, a simulated diamond is flawless and beautiful as well.

Things to remember

While you go to a jeweller to buy a diamond, keep these things in mind. As soon as you leave the jeweller with a diamond, it might lose its value by 50%. Whenever you buy a diamond, you buy it from a retailer, typically with a 100% to 200% markup. This is why jewellery like a diamond ring from retail, especially if it is a prestigious one, does not take the risk to buy it back from the customer. Therefore, it is always on the safe side to buy an imitation diamond ring and avoid such risks.

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