In our daily life we are using medical apparatus at home instead of going to hospital for small needs and bringing medicines to home through orders on online medical shops . As days are moving world is developing shortly . Online medical shops are also increased by contributing by different companies like immunace extra

Advantages of skin care products

We are using different types of skin care products daily we use vitamin cream it is an alcohol free it is suitable for normal, dry tired skin it contains vitamins minerals and fatty acids they restore and nourish our skin and stimulate the production of new cells we use sun protection cream to get rid of harmful Ray’s from sun. We use cream spf15 it makes skin gentle and silky soft prevent premature aging. It gives uv protection to the skin . We use sun lotion it is tan accelerator. Increased collagen and prevent uv  damage it has plant derived ingredients.  Self tan lotion is used for natural look. Tan make skin supple and soft it has natural essential oils . We use sun soothing gel to reduce redness and greatly alleviate sensation of burning. Sun burn spray are used to reduce skin tan to treat the pain and inflammation and itching caused by the sun these are the different products used in our daily life . As environment is polluting more day by day we need to take care of our own skin from infections and other diseases

Normal Process of skin protection

As we go while we are moving outside we should first clean our face with cleanser and we should add toner after cleaning our face with cleanser it normally contains antioxidants and vitamin b derivatives and toning acids next we should add serum to our face it protects skin from neutralizing damage from uv rays and environmental pollutants . We should apply  eye cream and frequently we should add moisturizer which allows hydrating in the body keeps our body hydrate . Sunscreen lotions are must be added to protect skin from different sun problems


In these world as compare from olden days to now there are so many hidden diseases and infections are there we are unable to predict them . We don’t known how they will attract. We should be aware of our health and skin through frequent checkups in the hospitals. We should maintain our own skin and health properly.

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