It’s funny that in a world where so many things can get personalized, finding personalized hair care treatments is often tricky. That is where a company like Function of Beauty comes in to offer customized solutions for hair care.

The Process To Get Your Personalized Products

Finding the right shampoo and conditioner starts with users filling out an online hair quiz. When this gets done, users receive an 8-ounce bottle of both shampoo and conditioner specifically for them from Function of Beauty.

You can also get other shampoos or conditioners, but they don’t come in a set. Other hair products offered are purple shampoo, hair masks, hair serums, and leave-in treatments.

The packaging of the products is quite clever; clear bottles with your name printed on the side. When you receive the bottles, they also come with optional pumps, plus stickers that you can use to decorate the bottles.

The company offers five scents that span a wide array of floral aromas that you can add to your products. You can also choose how strong you want your scent to be.

In addition to the scents, you can also choose what color you want your products to be. You can customize the color for each of your products or choose to have no color in the product at all.

Putting These Hair Products To Work

The most important thing to remember when using these products is to be as honest as possible when taking the online quiz. If you create a solution you want to achieve and then try to tailor your answers to that supposed goal, you may end up with products that do not work well for you.

Users should always focus on much broader goals, such as strengthening their hair or adding shine to their hair. This honesty will give users a shampoo and conditioner combination that will work much better in achieving the broader goal.

Once a user receives their product, they must follow the directions down to the letter. There’s no shortage of folks that buy shampoo and conditioner off the shelf and then use it as they see fit without ever reading the directions. If you’re taking the time to customize your hair care products, it is vital to use them as the directions recommend.

While you can simply purchase either shampoo or conditioner, using the two together generally works best for most users. The reason for this is that each does a specific job and is designed to complement the other.

Once you finish answering the online hair quiz, your two products get blended to create the results you are looking to achieve. If you choose only to purchase one product from the company, it is probably best to find a complementary product off the shelf that achieves a similar result to the one you were looking for when you took the quiz.

Since it stands to reason that every hair type is different, there’s no reason not to personalize your hair care regime.

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